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WHAT WE DO - Pinktomato TV
our services

Here's What We Do Better

Visually creative video and animation for your company


Is your requirement a video about your company or a product or service? Perhaps you need to film or live stream an event or  you want to step into our TV studio and create something a little different with 3D Green screen animation? 

Company Video
Every business has a story to tell and we can help you strengthen your brand. We've made lots of company videos but in essence they all do the same thing: Deliver your message in the clearest possible way. At the end of the day people really do buy from people and our company videos can help your prospects gain an insight into what makes yours stand out from others.
Testimonial Video
Advocacy is a powerful word especially when it's your customers talking about your company, products or services.
3D Animation Green Screen
We can use our own TV studio for enhanced animation and green screening - Just like you see in the movies.
Product Video
Launching a product or a product offering - We can focus on that aspect too.
Social Media Video
Everyone needs video for social media - In fact we would encourage everyone to get their phones out and start creating content. If you want something a little more polished then we are experts at creating short social media elements from items we create or content you may already have.
Motion graphics and animations in 2D or 3D are used in variety of ways, from enhancing your video production with branding and messaging through to stand alone large LED video walls at events.
Event Video
If you have an event, either internally or externally then we can capture that event live with multi cameras ad vision mixed. We can even add in motion graphics to to your screens and stream it too so people that are not there can watch wherever they are either live or later.
Studio Filming
Using our studio can make your video different and thereby stand out. Simple customer testimonial videos provide more focus when stripped back to just the person on camera. Shooting in studio is often a much lower cost than location filming. It's faster, easier to light and you have control of sound. Clean clear branding and lighting adds to the impact.
Personalised Video
We can make one video that's personalised to the viewer this has a dramatic impact on watch rate and retention. Maybe you want to give your sales teams more of an active chance on cold calls or invite your existing clients to an event. We have the ability and skills to allow you to send out many thousands of personalised video items using your standard HTML service. And we can also make the video appear as if it's already playing when the reader opens their email on devices like smartphones.